Drainage Solutions

French Drain

French drains are great for transferring ground water that could cause leaks in foundations or damage landscapes to more desirable locations. We love french drains, because they collect surface water as well as ground water.

A french drain consists of a trough or trench with a perforated piece of drainage pipe surrounded by roughly one inch gravel. Water floods the trench and enters the perforated pipe, then the water flows to its desired location away from structures or manicured landscaping.


Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek bed is a nice way to solve your drainage issues, but also creates an eye catching feature that adds to your landscape's appeal.

The location of dry creek beds is strategically placed to maximize its efficiency. Once the path of the creek bed is established, soil is usually removed from the center and a natural path for drainage occurs. Landscape fabric is then placed in the channel to impede unwanted plant growth. Last we install the rocks and boulders of various sizes to give a natural and appealing look to your functional landscape feature.

Catch Basin

Efficiently collects and moves surface water.

Catch basins are strategically placed in low spots in your yard where water collects. The catch basin has drainage pipe attached to it, which routes the water to a more desirable location.

catch basin 2.JPG

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Gutter Downspouts

Collects rainwater and routes it away from your home or building. Drainage piping is attached to gutter downspouts, and routed to a suitable location. Over time rain water can cause serious damage to foundations and basements. Installing gutter downspouts can help prevent flooding and erosion.